Here at Beauty at Indulgence, we only use the very best professional products.

So, we’re particularly proud to be able to sell the Eve Taylor London range of products.

And now we’re able to offer Eve Taylor treatments too.

Founded by pioneering aromatherapist Eve Taylor OBE, these products are enriched with the finest hand-blended essential oils.

The Eve Taylor London range is:

  • Good for skin ingredients
  • Proudly British
  • 100% natural essential oils, sustainably sourced
  • Animal friendly
  • Environmentally friendly

They are only available through salons, spas and professional therapists like ourselves.

Eve Taylor Treatments

Eve Taylor® Age Resist Facial
The age resist facial refines and resurfaces pre-maturely ageing skin to reveal a smooth, softened complexion. Anti-oxidants and vitamins defend against environmental aggressors whilst stimulating new healthy tissue.
Skin is left looking radiant and beautiful regardless of age.
1hr £42.00

Eve Taylor® Soothe & Nourish Facial
Nurture and soothe dry, moisture depleted skin with this aromatic facial treatment. Nature’s finest ingredients nourish the skin revealing a brighter, softer complexion leaving you feeling pampered and fresh.
1hr £42.00

Eve Taylor® Ultra Bright Facial
Illuminate and brighten dull, lacklustre, pigmented skin with The Ultra Bright Facial. Professional resurfacing smooths and softens the skin ready for the infusion of Vitamin C rich serums and speciality masques. Illuminating moisturiser protects and re-energizes leaving the skin flawlessly radiant, bright and glowing.
1hr £42.00

Prescriptive Facials
A selection of 30/60/75 minute facial treatments to treat the skin for its type and condition on the day.
£35.00/ £45.00/ £55.00

Modern Man! Facial Skin Treatment
This deeply cleansing, stubble soothing skin treatment targets the main concerns of modern day skin. Professional grade products clear the skin of impurities, ease ingrown hairs and soothe shaving irritation. Powerful hydrators saturate the skin plumping fine lines, leaving the skin feeling happy fresh and fit.
1hr £42.00

Teen Clean Facial
Created specifically for teenagers, the Teen Clean Facial deeply cleanses the skin and exfoliates, unblocking the pores and clearing the skin. A refreshing masque soothes and reduces redness, calming breakouts and invigorating problematic skin before mattifying balm leaves the face looking fresh, clear and squeaky clean.
1hr £28.00

Revitalising Eye Treatment
Refresh and revive the delicate eye area with this brightening eye treatment. Gentle exfoliation makes way for intensive ingredients to nourish and hydrate. Expert massage techniques disperse puffiness while our speciality eye masque firms and tones the skin. Eyes are left soothed and revitalised.
30 mins £25.00

Perfect Pout! Lip Treatment
Make sure your lips are kissable with this conditioning lip treatment. Smoothes, hydrates and plumps the lips leaving them silky smooth, your loved one won’t be able to resist!
15 mins £10.00

Hand & Foot Treatments
High Five! – Restoring Hand Treatment

This restoring hand treatment resurfaces and smooths the hands whilst serums packed
with intensive ingredients treat the signs of sun damage and ageing. Speciality masques
are applied to brighten and firm before finishing products leave your hands feeling
nourished and protected.
30 mins £25.00

Spring in your Step – Foot Treatment
This cooling foot treatment is the perfect solution for hot tired restless feet. Intensive exfoliation to smooth even the roughest feet before soothing, hydrating gels are applied to refresh and revitalise. You will leave feeling like you’re walking on air.
30 mins £25.00

A full body treatment experience to detoxify and renew.
Refresh and renew with this highly detoxifying full body treatment. Marine salts assist the buffing away of dulling skin cells ready for potent aromatics to be infused into the skin. A highly active seaweed body wrap will purge toxins and remineralise the skin. A skin drenching moisturising blend finalising the treatment leaving your skin feeling silky soft, smooth and glowing.
Skin type/condition:
Fluid retention, bloating or those in need of detoxifying.
Detox Full Body 60 minutes without massage. £60.00
Detox Full Body 120 minutes including massage. £90.00

Body Glow! Full Body Exfoliation
Full body exfoliation to leave the skin soft, smooth and glowing.
Our finely ground sea salt infused with essential oils of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang soothe the senses while the dull, dry skin cells are buffed away. Skin drenching moisturisers conclude the treatment leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.
Skin type/condition:
Dry flaky skin or those in need of full body exfoliation. May be offered as a pre spray tan option or before full body massage.
30 mins £50.00

Legs, Bum & Tum Detox Treatment
A detoxifying treatment for those with cellulite or toxic build up.
Flush and cleanse the “lazy areas” of the body with the Legs, Bum & Tum Detox Treatment. Combining expert massage techniques with our blend of pure essential oils specifically formulated to warm, stimulate and eliminate toxins leaving the skin smoother, fresher and more vibrant. A detoxifying body mask is smoothed over the area infusing marine extracts into the skin for enhanced results.
Skin type/condition:
Cellulite or toxic build up in the ‘lazy areas’.
60 mins £60.00

Anti- Stress Back Treatment
A deeply relaxing back treatment including back massage.
Drift away on an aromatic journey to a world of relaxation. Hand blended essential oils give you the ultimate in relaxation combined with the power of touch and expert massage techniques. A thermal body mask helps to ease any discomfort and tension leaving your mind and body soothed and refreshed.
60mins £60.00

Purifying Back Treatment
A deep cleansing back treatment for those with congested, breakout prone or acne skin. Using purifying essential oils to deep cleanse and unclog the skin this treatment targets a problematic back area. Zones in on breakouts to help clear blemishes with powerful botanicals while our detoxifying seaweed mask deep cleanses and re-mineralises the skin.
Congestion, breakouts or acne on the back area.
30 mins £40.00

Cryo – Firm – For Arms/ Bust/ Legs/ Stomach
An intensely cooling, firming and toning treatment for those with loose tissue or skin slackening.
This functional treatment focusses on areas of loose skin tissue such as the arms, bust or stomach. Replenishing botanicals combined with expert massage techniques assist to tone and improve the skin. The intensely cooling action of the specialist products will leave skin feeling firm, taught and supple.
Skin type/condition:
Loose skin in need of firming on the back of arms, stomach or bust area.
45mins £50.00

Contact us now and we can guide you through what would help you most to ensure your skin looks its very best, every day.

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